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In 2016, I was introduced to Steven Stiefel by my then literary agent. She recommended him to work as an editor on a project that would become The Martialis Incident. Following Steven’s notes, I rewrote the book and eventually landed a publishing deal. During this process, I asked my agent to send him a short novel I’d written about a time traveling aircraft that crashes in the Cretaceous Period. She asked him if he wanted to work again as the editor. Steve came back and suggested that rather than work as my editor, we should work as co-authors and rewrite the whole thing and really emphasize the time travel and Tyrannosaurus rex elements of the story. This suited me more because I always felt there was more story to tell about the Cretaceous aspect of the novel, and I could tell from his previous notes he got my voice and writing style – poor Steven!

Now, it’s 2021 and here we are: Tomorrow’s Flight has been published, and it recently rose to #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list in the time travel category. What a journey it’s been to get to this point. I’m no longer with that literary agent, but Steven and I are now close friends, we have multiple joint projects, we’ve started MESS-Flicks, a production company, and even a publishing imprint. And we did all of that working 6000 miles apart and while the pandemic swept the globe. Actually, that would make a good book! But back to Tomorrow’s Flight… for now.

“That’s all good and fine, but what is your novel about?” I hear you ask. Well, if I had to sum it up in a few words, I’d say first and foremost it’s a time travel science fiction suspense thriller. I know, that’s a lot to fit in, but there’s more. It has strong female characters, dinosaurs, suspense, humor, horror, and even a little romance, in addition to being a #1 bestseller at Amazon, it was also went to #3 in Amazon’s suspense novels category. It’s now available in paperback and Kindle with an audiobook in the early works.

So confident (Or perhaps delusional) are we, that we’ve written a pilot episode for a limited TV series version of Tomorrow’s Flight. With the book launched, we’re now shopping the pilot (The TV show, not the actual pilot who flew the plane into the Cretaceous Period), hoping to get it picked up by a streaming service such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, HULU, or HBO Max. You all want to see this suspense thriller, right? I know we do!

So, go buy a copy, then tell Netflix, Amazon, and everyone else that you want to see this on your TV. And in the meantime, Steven and I will be working away on our next – hopefully – big thing.

Thanks for reading!


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