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Martyn Ellington (Pen name M.E. Ellington)  is the author of two published novels, two self-published novels, and the author of two Amazon best-selling titles. In addition, Martyn has also written movie reviews for the online anti-newspaper, Dafty News. 
           He was born and raised in North East England, where he still lives. From young he has been a fan of all things science fiction, and horror. From the B-movie classics such as THE VALLEY OF GWANGI and the HAMMER HORROR movies of Christopher Lee, through to more contemporary shows like THE X-FILES, as well as other classics like THE TWILIGHT ZONE and STAR TREK. His writing influences include James Herbert and Michael Crichton. To relax, Martyn enjoys the company of friends, family and his dogs. Not always is that order! He also enjoys listening to music, his favourite artist being Jeff Lynne, though he says he does also enjoy relaxing to Diana Krall and First Aid Kit among others. He's a self confessed audiophile, who in a world of digital everything, still prefers the sound of vinyl. One of his prize possessions is a thirty-four year old Technics hi-fi system that once belonged to his father, who bought it new.
           He describes his writing technique as unusual. Whilst most writers plan the plot lines and twists, and make extensive notes, Martyn states that once he has the characters figured out, and the basic storyline planned, he prefers to let the story develop organically. He has no real preconceptions on how the story will end, or what fate the characters have in store. Tomorrow’s Flight is based on a short story written and self-published in 2011 by Martyn Ellington titled Yesterday’s Flight, which became an Amazon bestselling title. This original version was withdrawn from sale in 2015 so that it could be significantly rewritten, expanded, and developed as both a novel and a potential limited TV series.

Steven Stiefel is the Amazon bestselling author of TOMORROW’S FLIGHT with M.E. Ellington. This novel tells the story of a group of survivors who crash land in the Cretaceous era as dinosaurs attack, and paleontologists and crash investigators in the present try to save them.

            He's also the co-author of MAKING RUMOURS (2012, Wiley), the memoir of producer Ken Caillat's turbulent year of creating the iconic Fleetwood Mac album. Another work Steven co-authored is SUPERHERO NUTRITION (2018) with Steve Zim—an easy-to-follow nutrition program for active people seeking to reshape their bodies and lives.
           Previously, Steven was a magazine writer for Men's Fitness, Men's Health, and many other titles. In addition to publishing two fitness books: Weights on the Ball Workbook and Fit in 15 (Ulysses Press), his short fiction has been published by McSweeney's, The Georgia Review, and many others. He also worked in story development for many production companies in Los Angeles.
           Today, he works as a novelist, film and TV writer, and playwright. Recently, he has adapted Tomorrow's Flight as a limited TV series with M.E. Ellington, and he has written a feature film screenplay of The Aspern Papers by Henry James, which was the first-place platinum winner in the LGBTQ Unbordered International Film Festival mystery division (December, 2020).

            Steven earned advanced degrees from USC (Masters of Profession Writing in screenwriting) and University of Arizona (MFA in fiction writing). Currently, he lives in Los Angeles.



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